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The hyperpaper eInk Planner S2E9

The hyperpaper eInk Planner

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Hello, and welcome to how I built
bits, where every week I give you

a cool tool tip or trick to help
you be a better creator in six

minutes or less clock's ticking.

So let's get to it.

I am a pen and paper guy, for sure.

But the Kindle scribe, which I've
talked about previously on this show

is the perfect companion for me.

And as a result I've been using the free
form notebooks, more like a planner.

I get to read, highlight, markup
PDFs, and then I have a bunch

of notebooks for online courses.

I'm taking conferences, I'm
going to planning and money and

budgets and things like that.

Now I still use and love my William
Hannah notebook, but my friend

Brian and sent me an interesting
link recently to hyper paper.me.

This is a service that generates a
customized version of their PDF planner.

Which you can use on most E ink devices,
including the remarkable, the SuperNote

and the Kindle scribe, as well as a PDF
annotators on iPad iOS, like good notes.

And Notability.

So at $19, this was an
instant purchase for me.

A longer review and video will be
available to members of how I built it

pro over at how I built dot slash pro just
five bucks a month or 50 bucks a year.

But here's what I really
like about it today.

First of all, you can customize it.

Before you purchase it.

So I added a habit tracker,
which admittedly I don't

use as much as I'd like.

Uh, but I also added an additional
notes page at the end of each day.

So now I have a little
sidebar calendar view.

I have the main notes area where
I write my to do's for the day.

And on that additional page,
I write down my open threads.

That way they're all in one place because.

The big benefit here is that I'm more
likely to have my Kindle scribe with

me then my William Hannah notebook.

The second thing I like about
it is that everything is linked.

I thought navigating this behemoth
of a PDF and it is a behemoth at

nearly 900 pages would be a challenge.

Especially because the Kindle scribes
PDF navigation is lacking right now,

but they considered that you can jump
to any day from the month calendar.

And the very first page of the PDF
is a layout of the entire planner.

So you can go to the year view, the
quarter view, the month view, the

weekly view, the day pages or any of
the other custom areas that you added.

Absolutely fantastic.

The other thing that I like to
do is bookmark the current month.

But again, you don't really need
to do that with the first page.

Uh, and I like to bookmark
the current project page.

I'm on, there's a project notes area.

And again, you don't really have to do
that because there is a LinkedIn index

at the beginning of the projects section.

It's also got a really
good table of contents.


If I'm ever lost, or I want
to jump outside the calendar

views, I can open up the TOC.

I was able to reasonably recreate my
William Hannah notebook and it's been

my daily driver for a few weeks now.

We'll see if it sticks,
but I'm confident it will.

It's such a great product and idea.

And to be honest, the William
Hannah notebook while great, usually

costs me about a hundred bucks.


Year, maybe every nine months to
send refills from the UK here.

So I love my William Hannah notebook, but
the Kindle scribe is with me more often.

And the hyper paper product is
such a smartly designed product.

You can check it out in the show
notes or over@hyperpaper.me.

But that's it for this episode of
how i built bits thanks so much

for listening and until next time
get out there and build something

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